Top five AI articles you missed last week

There are so many Artificial Intelligence news out there — and so little time! We picked up the most interesting ones, so sit back, and take a break.
These were the 5 Must-Read Artificial Intelligence Articles of The Past Week.

Apple Just Acquired This Little-Known Artificial Intelligence Startup


Apple has acquired a data mining and machine learning company, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.Apple confirmed the acquisition exclusively to Fortune via telephone on Saturday, and provided the following statement via email: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

via Fortune

City of Las Vegas Uses Artificial Intelligence to Thwart Cyber Attacks


It has become rather apparent the global cyber security sector may need a major overhaul in the coming years. If it is up to the city of Las Vegas, that fight will be won by deploying an artificial intelligence solution. That is quite an interesting solution to tackle the problem, although it remains to be seen how things will play out over the coming years.


HBO’s Silicon Valley addresses the dark underbelly of artificial intelligence

Silicon Valley is Mike Judge and Alec Berg’s biting comedy about the American tech industry, now in its fourth season. Every week, we’ll be taking one idea, scene, or joke and explain how it ties to the real Silicon Valley and speaks to an issue at the heart of the industry and its ever-lasting goal to change the world — and make boatloads of money in the process.


Google’s AI Invents Sounds Humans Have Never Heard Before

JESSE ENGEL IS playing an instrument that’s somewhere between a clavichord and a Hammond organ — 18th-century classical crossed with 20th-century rhythm and blues. Then he drags a marker across his laptop screen. Suddenly, the instrument is somewhere else between a clavichord and a Hammond. Before, it was, say, 15 percent clavichord. Now it’s closer to 75 percent. Then he drags the marker back and forth as quickly as he can, careening though all the sounds between these two very different instruments.

via Wired

Facebook Wants to Merge AI Systems for a Smarter Chatbot


Facebook has released a platform that could combine different advances in artificial intelligence and make machines a lot more articulate.The framework, called ParlAI, offers researchers a simpler way to build conversational AI systems, and to combine different approaches to machine dialogue. The framework should make it easier for developers to build chatbots that aren’t so easily stumped by an unexpected question. A common criticism of the chatbots released to date, including those available via Facebook, is that they are too narrowly focused and too easily confused.

via MIT Technology Review

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