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We build Apps powered by Big Data.

bromin7 is a data-driven mobile & web development company committed to place you ahead of the curve through utilization of our machine learning and data analysis expertise. We are results-oriented, selective and passionate experts in enterprise and consumer-grade applications.You are here with a winning idea. We are here to make it happen.


We’re an end-to-end agency with a team of architects, designers, developers, QA and UI testers on staff. Our services cover a broad range of specialties, from building an app to consulting on strategy.

Mobile App Development
We specialize in building functional mobile apps with an unmatched user experience and superior interface design.
Web App Development
Whether it’s a website or a more complex web app with many integration points, our app developers have you covered.
UI/UX Design
Our staff has deep experience in Interface design, user experience, and usability testing for web and mobile apps.
API and Web Services
Effective backend systems and APIs that will connect your apps to desired end systems in a clean, portable and agile fashion.
Get a full array of Big Data & Analytics consulting services, including brainstorming a design and deployment of your applications.
Our team will help you create an effective business model to boost your competitiveness and ensure that you become the leader in your industry.


This app is an award-winning, crowdsourced loyalty program which rewards users based on their purchases and social behavior.


Select Rooms

Still booking Hotel the old way? Tired of overpaying for the stay? With SelectRooms, you can bid on highly rated Hotel rooms and get the most competitive pricing.

Select Rooms


Want to exercise, but can’t find time to make it to the gym? BlockFit helps by providing fast, simple exercises in the form of a game.



We take pride in transparent and efficient teamwork and collaboration. We have learned that using the right methodologies could pay huge dividends in the long term. We’re eager to deliver results to our clients and we do everything we can to get better and better at what we do.

Discovery Discovery


The objective here is to understand your project and space in detail. Our Project Management and Architect teams would be involved early on to help connect your idea to the desired outcome.


At this stage we’ll be working on product mockup design, branding and prototyping. Get your feedback and iterate again. Our UI and UX Design teams will be collaborating closely with you until we get that perfect match.

Design Design
Build Build


Game ON! JAVA, C, C++, Swift, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, Cassandra, demo, MySQL, Oracle, APIs, pairing, protocols, Linux, iOS, Android, UAT and QA testing, deployment.


Once the prototype is complete, we’ll start working on the next phases of product improvement based on the feedback received and the outlined project objectives.

Iterate Iterate


Working with an experienced web and mobile app company equals efficiency, time and investment savings. Our team has deep experience in designing interfaces, integration with third-party devices and apps, and usability testing for both web and mobile applications.

Web Development

  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript(jQuery, Dojo, AngularJS)

Mobile Development

  • iOS
  • Android


  • Oracle Database
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL

Big Data

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization


We are extremely passionate about creating highly functional apps with unmatched aesthetics and an intuitive user experience. We love working on complex Enterprise projects and aspiring startup ideas. At bromin7, we believe that the key to a successful app lies in cooperation, hard work and innovation. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can assist with your journey.

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